The Railway St. Fresh Food & Produce Market is a predominantly local fresh food and produce market that operates every Thursday (from in Spring/Summer, and from in Autumn/Winter) on the front bowling green at the corner of Spring and Railway Street in Moss Vale. It provides an accessible and attractive environment for farmers and food producers to sell their farm-origin product and their associated value-added primary products directly to customers. There is plenty of parking on site.

The objectives of the market are to:

  • Enable consumer access to the best quality (fresh, seasonal, highly nutritious and safe) local produce through a market that brings people together as a community to share in and celebrate food
  • Support both local primary growers and secondary or value-added producers by providing them with an avenue to sell directly to the customer, thereby increasing the profitability of their businesses and the loyalty of their customers
  • Help to create a resilient local food economy in the Southern Highlands and surrounds, by increasing the viability and visibility of local food businesses
  • Promote the practice of fair food production, consumption and distribution in our region
  • Support innovation and entrepreneurship in the Southern Highlands by providing an incubator to design, test and launch new products
  • Develop community pride in our local produce
  • Provide education and knowledge-sharing about local produce
  • Encourage backyard gardeners to participate and sell excess produce from their own growing rather than discard.